Our five gTAKASOh Group specialty stores in Kappabashi will provide you with full support with all of our products, including kitchen equipment and eating utensils.

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Furniture Showroom

Store Hours Information
Store Hours: 9:45`18:00
Open: Monday - Saturday
Closed: Sundays & National Holidays



Furniture Showroom

Professionally handcrafted wooden furniture such as chairs, tables, and kitchen wagons are exhibited in this showroom.
Our fine materials and firm structures receive widespread acclaim especially from our customers for industrial purposes.
Home furniture can also be made to order. Please feel free to stop by our showroom.
Since August, 2012, we have been expanding our business with the web kobo, gKIBOh introducing wooden furniture. New products will be released.

In addition to wooden furniture, ready-made, custom-built, manufacturersf leading items are available.
We will propose products that will meet your needs from various manufacturers catalogues.

Examples of Our Products

Tables and chairs made by craftsmen are industrial-strength and last for a long time. We will provide you with a wide variety of sample veneers.
Please consult with us. We will suggest various types of furniture.

Contact Information

Takahashi Sohonten Inc. Furniture Store & Showroom, @Map
2F Takahashi Sohonten Head-Office Building, 1-9-13 Matsugaya Taito-ku, Tokyo
Please come up from the stairs in the Takahashi Sohonten Inc., Kitchen Store on the first floor.
Store Hours: 9:45AM ~ 6:00PM TEL@03-3845-1164@FAX@03-3844-5627
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