Our five gTAKASOh Group specialty stores in Kappabashi will provide you with full support with all of our products, including kitchen equipment and eating utensils.

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Kitchen Store
Cookware Store
Western Tableware Store
Japanese Ceramic Tableware Store
Furniture Showroom

Store Hours Information
Store Hours: 9:45`18:00
Open: Monday - Saturday
Closed: Sundays & National Holidays



Kitchen Store

Thank you very much for choosing Takahashi Sohonten.
Our Kitchen Store offers a wide range of kitchen equipment. Our store manager and staff will explain our products and help choose the most suitable products for our customers.
More discounts will be offered on some display items when they are replaced with new items. We look forward to your inquiry and visit.

Store Manager Masato

Also, please stop by Takahashi Sohoten Inc., Cookware Store to see our cooking utensils.

Examples of Our Products

Refrigerator freezersice making machinescold-storage boxeswine cellars

grillssinkscash registers

Moreover, other cooking utensils, appliances, and kitchen equipment including grillers, heating cabinets, sushi showcases, work tables, rice cookers, word processors, pressure cookers, and snow cone machines, are displayed.

We look forward to your visit.
Vacuum packaging
Vacuum packaging machines are also available.
Vacuum packaging can preserve the freshness of food by removing air from the container the food is packaged in.
Also, the fresh aroma and flavor of tea and coffee are preserved when vacuum packaged.

Contact Information

Takahashi Sohonten Inc., Kitchen Store @@@Map
1-9-13 Matsugaya Taito-ku, Tokyo
Store Hours: 9:45AM`6:00PM
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