Our five gTAKASOh Group specialty stores in Kappabashi will provide you with full support with all of our products, including kitchen equipment and eating utensils.

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Store Hours Information
Store Hours: 9:45`18:00
Open: Monday - Saturday
Closed: Sundays & National Holidays



Cookware Store

The store sells fundamental cooking utensils in the restaurant business and a wide variety of cooking appliances used at festivals and events such as cotton candy machines and takoyaki machines.
We are aiming to provide the best products to our customers through cooperation with our Kitchen Store. We offer very competitive prices for items necessary for newly open stores and additional items for regular stores.
Please feel free to contact us regarding catalogues and estimates.

Store Manager, Tomoo Kusunoki

We are looking forward to your visit and we will present you with our wide range of high quality products.

Examples of Our Products

We provide a wide range of products such as stockpots, half-stockpots, double handle saucepans, single handle pans, skillets with handles.
Our stockpots are safe and suitable for industrial use because they are durable and made for effective use of heat when cooking. Professionals will also be satisfied with our high quality and convenient products.
We will present and provide suitable products such as molybdenum steel products focusing on quality and 21-0 stainless products with the same quality of regular items at affordable prices depending on the intended use.
Essential cooking appliances for events and festivals.
We accept custom orders and repairs.
Takoyaki machineselectric cotton candy machinespopcorn machines

In addition to the items above, we will also present you with our wide range of products such as tabletop griddles, griddles on legs, obanyaki (a round pancake filled with sweet red bean paste) baking machines, taiyaki (a fish-shaped pancake with red bean paste) baking machines, gas heating taiyaki baking machines, charcoal yakitori grills, tiled yakitori grills, Rinnai pet series gas grills, Rinnai Araiso series gas grills, skewer grill machines, and oden (Japanese Pot-au-feu) pots.

Contact Information

Takahashi Sohonten Inc., Cookware Store Map
1-1-11 Matsugaya Taito-ku, Tokyo
Store Hours: 9:45AM`6:00PM
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